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Balloon Basics

Float Time


Helium Balloons 


Latex Balloons

Float Time

Foil Balloons

Float Time

Bubble Balloons



10” solid colour

6 hours

Star 18”

2-4 days

Bubble Confetti 16”

24 – 48 hours

11” solid colour

6 – 8 hours

Heart 18”

2-4 days

Personalized Bubble Balloons 16”


18 – 24 hours

18” solid colour

12 – 15 hours

Orbz 18”

3-5 days



Giant 30” Solid colour

24 – 48 hours

Helium Numbers

3-5 days





Foil Shape balloons

2-5 days



10-11” confetti

6 hours





Giant 30” confetti

15 – 24 hours

Personalised Heart / Star

2 days





Personalised Orbz

3 - 4 days



Float times can reduce if balloons are used outdoors, exposed to heat and direct sunlight or in very

cool environments. 

Unlike foil balloons, latex balloons start letting out helium from the moment they are inflated and

start reducing in size, hence, we recommend having your latex balloons delivered or picked up closer

to your event so it looks its best throughout your celebration.  


Foil balloons will remain full and tout for 2-3 days. They can continue to float for a week or longer.

The balloons can shrivel in the air condition, however, when exposed to warmer air the balloons will

return to its normal state.

Be Balloon Smart

Faraday's five smart tips for balloon use 

"Please secure me with a weight"


"Please don't let me fly into the air and become litter - I don't want to be trapped in a tree or

on power lines"


"I love kids. Young children with balloons should always be monitored"

(Children can choke or suffocate on un-inflated or broken balloons)


"If I am deflated or popped properly discard me"


"Despite the funny voice helium can give you, it should never be inhaled"


Helium Safety Tips


Helium is perfectly safe in balloons and safe when balloons are deflated in open and well-ventilated

areas. Helium is not toxic nor flammable. However, exposure to heat or fire can lead to increase in

pressure which will cause it to rupture.